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Applies to: Everyone
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So you need to change your password. Perhaps you received a reminder email. Perhaps you feel like making a change in your life. Perhaps you gave it out in a phishing attack (in which case you should probably take a look at our Data Safety page). No matter the reason, we have a method for you.

To start, do you need to change your password or reset your password? Changing a password means you know your current password. (And you can change an expired password.) Resetting a password means you don't know your password at all. This knowledgebase article can help change your password but it cannot help you reset your password. You'll have to contact us or visit our offices in Covell if you need to reset your password.

On-Campus Users

The easiest and most secure way to change your password is while you're on campus. If you can make it here, good. If you're already here, even better. From any campus-owned computer just sign in. If your password expired you'll be asked to pick a new one right away. If your password has not expired then press Ctrl-Alt-Del after you sign in. Choose "Change a password" follow the prompts.

Off-Campus Users

"But wait!," you say, "I'm not on campus, nor can I get to campus! How do I change my password?" Read on.

The Process

Changing a password when you're not on campus is done through one of our other webpages. We use this method because it's built-in and easy. It's not the prettiest thing in the world but we love it anyway. Kind of like Anderson.

Please complete this quick form to access the instructions.


If your password won't change make sure it meets the rules above. Write it out on a piece of paper, if needed, to visually check it. We frequently see problems when a password contains a user's name or is one of their previous passwords.

We also see problems when users think they know their passwords but they don't (at least, not at that moment). Test your current password by signing in to Office 365 (opens in a new tab). Make sure you type your password. Do not login with a saved password or it won't work to check that you actually know your password. If you can sign in to Office 365 then there's a problem with your new password. If you can't sign in that means your current password is wrong.

If your password still refuses to change, or you don't know it, come see us in Covell or contact us if you can't be on campus. We'll reset your password after verifying your identity and then make sure you're able to choose a new one of your own.

Got a question? Let us know so that we can fill out this section! Visit the Get Help menu and choose Contact Us.