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In Fall 2006 The College of Idaho made its first foray into the cloud. Back then “cloud” was barely a term and Live@Edu, as it was called, only offered student email. Our internet connection was a whopping 10 Mbps for all of that data. Jump forward one decade, two name changes (three if you count C of I’s), two platform changes, and an uncountable number of product and feature additions. Oh, and now we have 1,000 Mbps internet service.

Welcome to Office 365, the world’s most comprehensive cloud-based (a.k.a online) communication and collaboration platform. Seriously, no hyperbole here.

To make our formal campus launch successful we’ve prepared this comprehensive Getting Started guide to walk you through the basics of every Office 365 app we’ve enabled. There’s cloud storage (1 TB for every user), file sharing, online document editing, presentation tools, intranet sites, chat and instant messaging, enhanced email (with 50 GB mailboxes!), and a private social network. It’s out of control. Out. Of. Control.

We’re extremely pleased to finally be able to make this available to everyone and hope that you’ll find everything useful in your studies and work.

Let’s get started. Click any of the tiles below to jump to that app’s documentation and learn about it.

Or, skip the tiles and sign in now at o365.collegeofidaho.edu.

IMPORTANT: Do not install Office 2016 from Office 365 on a College-owned computer. For more information please see the Microsoft Office page.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Office 365 does not require any installation because it is an online service. Per the note above, do not attempt to install Office 365. For more information please see the Microsoft Office page.

Data Safety Icon

Data Safety
Protect yourself in the cloud.

Delve Icon

Find hidden connections.

Exchange Online Icon

Exchange Online
The secret side of Outlook.

Find My Mail Icon

Find My Mail
Everyone is in Office 365 now.

Forms Icon

Surveys and quizzes.

Graduates Icon

Info for Graduates
Now what?

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Office 365 Groups
Collaboration space and access control.

Office 2016 Icons

Office 2016
Now free on up to 5 personal devices.

Office Mix
Coming soon!

Office Icon

Office Online
Your favorite Office apps, in a browser.

OneDrive Icon

OneDrive for Business
1 TB of your own cloud storage.

OneNote Icon

Digital notes.
No more ruined paper.

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Outlook on the Web
Your email, calendar, and people.

Coming soon!

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Office 365 Portal
Login here.
No instructions necessary.

SharePoint Icon

Intranet sites and managed collaboration.

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Skype for Business
Chat, call, and video.
Plus meetings!

Sway Icon

Spice up your presentations.

Video Icon

Private video hosting and sharing.

Yammer Icon

Our private social network.
#YoteFam only.