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Applies to: Employees
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Are you constantly running out of space in your mailbox? Do you fight with PST files and archive folders? Do you have trouble finding old messages due to slow or never-completing searches?

The time has arrived for all employees to migrate to Exchange Online and receive a 50 GB mailbox, setup Office 365 Groups, join a Team, and start using Planner. Exchange Online already powers every student mailbox and now hosts over half of our employee mailboxes. The time is here for everyone to join The Great Message Migration of 2018. All remaining users will migrate on Monday, May 28.

As you prepare to migrate, and once your migration begins, be sure to have a copy of our After-Migration Cheat Sheet handy to help complete the process.

How Do I Know If I've Already Migrated?

If you've already migrated then everything on this page applies to you...but you don't need to take any further action because you're all set. If you don't recall whether you've already migrated, or aren't sure if your department already migrated, then use either of these simple tests to find out.

  • Open Outlook on your work computer. Click the File tab. If the Mailbox Cleanup section says you have a 49.5 GB mailbox then you're already migrated. If it says anything else then you still need to migrate.
  • If you use Outlook on the Web (or Outlook Web App) check the website's address. If it's then you need to migrate. If it's then you're done.

What You Get

  • A 50 GB mailbox. On-campus mailboxes are only 2 GB.
  • Robust indexing of all items in your mailbox for fast and efficient search.
  • Access to all features of Office 365, including Groups, Teams, Planner, and more.
  • Single sign on to Outlook on the Web and Office 365 using your YoteNet ID.
  • Enhanced mail connectivity. If our internet goes down your mail still flows (using mobile data).
  • The ability to stop using slow PST files for your old mail, simplifying daily and remote work.

What You Give Up

Now that we're fully underway there are no longer conditions to migration.

What Stays the Same

  • Calendaring and Scheduling Assistant work regardless of where your mailbox is stored, and works for all employees and students.
  • Shared mailboxes are still accessible for receiving and processing mail.
  • You'll still use Outlook to get your mail, along with any apps on your mobile device and Outlook on the Web.
  • Everything else you already know about Outlook and Outlook on the Web still applies.

What Might Need to be Repaired

  • If you use a shared mailbox we might need to reset your access rights, including reading and sending mail. Please contact Alan for assistance.
  • If you shared your calendar you may have to share it again. Likewise, if you previously had access to another person's calendar they may need to re-share it with you.
  • Mailbox delegates do not typically make the migration so you will probably need to re-add any delegates you've created. (Delegation on campus is rare and only applies to certain users. If you don't know what it is you don't need to worry about it.)

Scheduling Your Migration, and What to Expect

This is a high-level overview of the process. For additional information about what to expect and do when your migration is done see the After-Migration Cheat Sheet in the introduction to this page.

  • Step 1: Register for a migration completion date and time using the form below. (Keep reading to find out what this means.)
  • Step 2: Once your registration is received we'll begin synchronizing your mailbox. During this time all of your messages, appointments, and contacts are copied to Exchange Online. You won't see or experience anything different while this happens.
  • Step 3: When the time you selected arrives your mailbox will finalize the migration. Within about two hours of the scheduled time your mailbox and Outlook connection will stop working. You will need to restart Outlook for it to re-detect your connection settings. You might need to restart your computer. And, you may need to reconfigure your phone.

Schedule My Migration

The opt-in period is closed. All remaining employee and volunteer mailboxes are scheduled to migrate on May 28. If you need assistance or have questions about the process please contact Alan Price in IT.