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Exchange Online Opt-In for Employees

Ready to move to the next generation of Exchange, get more mailbox space, and enable more Office 365 features? Learn about the benefits and costs, and find the opt-in form, on our migration info page.

Hybrid Free/Busy Sharing for Employees and Students

With recent work to ready all mailboxes for migration to Office 365 and Exchange Online, free/busy sharing with Scheduling Assistant is now available no matter who you need to meet with. Students can view professor and staff calendars, while any employee can view a student's calendar. Input your course and meeting schedules today and start booking more efficiently. (Note: by default, free/busy sharing doesn't permit other users to see the details of your calendar, only if you are free or busy at a given time.)

Office 365 Planner Arrives - Info Coming Soon

Planner, the latest Office 365 app, has arrived in the Office 365 Portal. We have not yet had a chance to learn about and document it, so please be patient while we create its page. Check back for more information as it becomes available. Or, if you're daring, feel free to launch the app and learn it on your own.

The Cloud Moves Fast

With the introduction of Office 365 there's something you should know: things in the cloud move fast. Really, really fast. Apps and features are being added, changed, tweaked, and removed all the time. Something that worked yesterday might be a little bit weird tomorrow. Services might go down suddenly and unexpectedly. With Office 365 you might see new apps appear in the portal, links come and go inside apps, and layouts change. All of this will happen without warning and is part of the new technology paradigm.

We'll use this space to announce major changes as we learn about (and when applicable, document) them. If it's really big we'll send an email, too. For the most part we'll just post it here, let you discover it, and then come back to YoteNet to find out more.