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Applies to: Everyone
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YotePrint is a universal printing system that lets you print from anywhere on campus, to anywhere on campus. Jobs are held in queue and released only when you're ready to retrieve them from the printer of your choice. This helps prevent wasted paper due to forgotten jobs or printer malfunctions and helps secure sensitive information printed on shared printers. Throughout this page and site we use "printer" to also mean "copier," since both make prints and are part of the YotePrint system.

YotePrint is built on PaperCut, a print management platform that provides accounting, hold-and-release, and auditing functions for the College. You can access your YotePrint/PaperCut account from the Printing menu above or at https://print.collegeofidaho.edu. PaperCut provides a ton of flexibility and we'll be rolling out new features over the coming weeks and months.

New Navigation

We're moving things around to optimize content and add new documentation. If you're looking for the How To section that used to be here please see the new How To page.

Any-device printing

YotePrint is now enabled for printing from personal devices. See the How To page for instructions.

You may not be able to print after switching networks or putting your computer to sleep

An issue exists where you may not be able to print after docking/undocking your laptop or after the laptop has gone to sleep and been resumed. The easiest workaround is to restart your laptop. If you have too many programs open and don't want to restart you can also force-close the PaperCut client in Task Manager by ending the pc-client.exe process. You will need to relaunch the client from the Start Menu after closing it.

Printing is available to all students and employees in the following locations. Remember that you can print to YotePrint from any campus computer and then pick it up where it's most convenient for you. All Ricoh copiers are color-capable, but HP LaserJets are grayscale-only.

Location Type Hours
McCain 1st Floor Ricoh copier All day
Covell Ricoh copier All day
Terteling Ricoh copier Library hours
KAIC 2nd Floor HP LaserJet Building hours
Langroise 201 HP LaserJet All day
Boone 1st Floor HP LaserJet Building hours
MHAC 209 Ricoh copier Building hours
Hendren ResLife/PEAK Center Ricoh copier Business hours
Sterry 116 Ricoh copier ES department hours

Other copiers or printers with PaperCut may be available but their use is governed by the department hosting them. If a copier isn't listed here please ask for permission from the department before using it.

For Students

Each page you print or copy is charged to your personal account. This account only exists in PaperCut and isn't tied to your ID card or student financial accounts. Your cost of attendance includes limited free printing through allocations each semester. Any use in excess of the free allocation must be paid in advance (see below).

Free Allocations
Fall/Winter $12.50
Spring $10.00
Print Costs
Grayscale $0.05/page
Color $0.15/page
Total Prints*
Fall/Winter 500 pages
Spring 400 pages

* Total prints is based on printing duplexed, letter-size, grayscale documents, which are the default settings for all printers on campus. Duplex prints receive a 50% discount, so single-sided printing is equal to 250/200 (Fall/Winter and Spring) pages.

Student Organizations

Student organizations and clubs, as officially recognized by ASCI, will each receive the same free allocation as any student. Students aren't required to use their personal prints for official work. If you don't know your print code please contact us. Any printing in excess of the allocation will be charged to the organization's account via the Business Office.

For Employees

Employee printing is charged to a shared account and is selected with a PIN at time of print/copy. PINs are by default based on the four-digit account code assigned by the Business Office and match those used on the previous Canon copiers. There are no limits to how much you can print as an employee but we do encourage wise use of resources (both environmental and financial).

Rates for employee printing differ by printer model. Please contact IT for current rates, for help with print budgeting in your department, or to audit your account code's use. Employee printing uses a strict cost-recovery model and IT does not seek to profit from interdepartmental billing.

Standard letter paper is included in the cost of each print and is available, with delivery, from IT. Other size, types, and colors are available at the Mail Center and are directly paid for by the department.

Real-time student PaperCut balances, and job logs for everyone, are available through PaperCut's user interface at https://print.collegeofidaho.edu.

If you run out of free prints and need to add money to your account you can do so at the Mail Center in McCain during regular business hours. Money added to a personal account cannot be refunded, but you can transfer it to any other user via the PaperCut website.